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Configuring "identities" for More than One Family Member

If multiple people will use IncrediMail on the same computer, several "identities" must be set up. Each person will have his/her own set of folders. Examples: (1) a parent uses IncrediMail and so do one or more kids (2) no parent uses IncrediMail, but several kids use IncrediMail.

Note: The first user will have a default identity. Please refer to our account setup instructions to get started.

The following steps explain how to set up additional family members.

1. Open the Manage Identities dialog box.


Select "Properties" for the existing default identity.

3. Give this identity his/her name or nickname as commonly used in your home. (for example: "Susie", "Billy", or "Johnny"). It is not necessary to add a password. It is not necessary to include a last name.


Check the box labeled "Choose an Identity on startup"


Now, create a New Identity for another family member. Again, it is not necessary to supply a password or a surname.


Switch to the new identity. IncrediMail will close and restart automatically.


Repeat the account setup steps as you had done for the first family member.


If yet another family member account will be setup, Select "New Identity..." and repeat from step #5.


Troubleshooting Note: If you view "Tools :: Accounts..." you should see only one account per user. If there are more than one, it may indicate that a mistake was made. Remove the superfluous account definitions and make sure each child has his/her own identity with his/her appropriate account settings.

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