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"Kids are just as susceptible as adults to being bombarded
by spam advertising inappropriate products and services."

Steve Cullen, SR. Vice President - Symantec

We help you install age appropriate e-mail software at home, for fun, safe use by your kids.

Prevent your children from receiving ads for pornography and other inappropriate or offensive topics. Most importantly, prevent and detect e-mail from online child predators. Click here to read accolades from other parents.

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KidMail v4.0 is for kids 5-9, and IncrediMail is for teens. These two cool e-mail programs are best of class. They enable kids to compose amazing, graphical messages., The Safe E-Mail ServiceSM quarantines messages from unknown senders, giving parents full control over incoming/outgoing messages.
Beside using big buttons and large typefaces, KidMail Version 4.0 incorporates sounds and animations to engage kids. IncrediMail offers the same advantages for older kids.
Our e-mail software is easy for kids. Our quarantine system is a snap for parents. Messages are sorted based upon sender trust level, and managed via the web.

* Your purchase of KidMail Version 4.0 includes a limited subscription to the service.
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