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"This truly was a win/win for my family and I could not be happier. Hats off to your organization for offering a truly Parent Friendly and Kid Safe product!"

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Fun, Safe E-Mail - No Spam or Porn.
Your Family will Love KidMail.


FREE TRIAL No obligation. Create fully functional e-mail addresses right now for all your children.

Fun, Safe E-Mail Experience interactive animated email that was designed for a whole new generation!

No Spam or Porn is the Safe E-Mail Service. Spam is 100% eliminated.
Managed Trust You decide who can send e-mail directly to your child.
No Lost E-Mails Messages from unknown senders are not deleted. They are quarantined until you approve or discard them.
Inexpensive Online Safety is a great value! Annual subscriptions cost less than $ 2.50 per month overall for your entire family.
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